Self starter. Problem solver. Full stack designer.

By fusing data-driven design with collaborative learning, I design solutions at the intersection of feasibility, viability, and desirability.


UX Director for consumer inititives within Anthem's digital healthcare division


Led audit and redesign of SASS platform and marketing website

American Chest Association

Led design of CHEST's physical and digital healthcare products

Rise Gardens

Conducted audit and redesign of hydroponic garden's mobile interface.

Amenify Web Application

Led audit and redesign of SASS platform to prevent imminent financial collapse


Conducted attitudinal and behavioral research to validate nautical IoT redesign


Head of product design for startup effort to reform nationwide polling performance


Co-founded video platform for facilitating global talent competitions

About Me

My name is Jeremy. I'm a designer, developer, UX researcher, and illustrator. Above all else, I'm a problem solver.

Long before I entered the professional space, I was solving problems. As a kid, I dreamed of building virtual governments, online wizarding schools, and a Neopets competitor. In high school, I moved on to more practical endeavors. In a world before music proliferated online, I built a digital platform for indie musicians to release albums without record labels. The problems I chose to solve were always those that felt most meaningful.

As an adult, I treat my career the same way. I seek to work on projects that have the capacity to change people's lives, bring moments of delight, and fix what's broken. As a leader on these projects, I also strive to inspire my teams to think creatively, challenge perspectives, and make a difference.

Outside of the product space, I enjoy reading science fiction, exploring virtual worlds in Quest VR, and watching horror films with my wife.

I'm currently a UX Art Director at Anthem in Chicago, Illinois and a part-time consultant for my company, Chicago Solutions Network.