VoterCircle, a poli-tech organization that provides web-oriented “get out the vote” (GOTV) services, needed a UX designer to help improve conversion rates.

Although the work that I completed on behalf of VoterCircle is not public, I can share about the project’s process and results.

VoterCircle provides a B2B and B2C GOTV platform. The B2B side syncs up with political campaigns and encourages them to onboard supporters who want to encourage voters on a campaign's behalf. The B2C side allows those supporters to match their contacts with a voter file and then send likely supporters customized e-mail solicitations about a particular candidate and political election. 

Prior to bringing me on board, VoterCircle’s design was built on the founder’s assumptions. My job was to review the entire B2C user experience, provide research-based suggestions and then prepare medium-fidelity mockups for review and potential implementation. 

The company did not want me to conduct full-scale user research, so I used publicly accessible data combined with small-scale, low fidelity prototypes that I ran by 2-5 potential B2C users.

I considered using Balsamiq for the initial wireframes, but have always found it to provide minimal additional value. Since VoterCircle requested medium-fidelity, I went with Adobe Illustrator (presently, however, I would have chosen Sketch). VoterCircle also requested that we share mockups via Google Drive, though my preference would have been InVision.

All in all, I prepared mockups and a user flow for 9 pages, along with in-line notations that explained feature and layout decisions. The end result was exceedingly positive and the UX updates will likely be implemented into future iterations of their B2C product.


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