Uppd was an interactive advertising platform that leveraged the social graph and incentivized direct product trials. Uppd raised $25,000 and qualified as finalists for Chicago TechStars 2014.

From the user's perspective, Uppd was an interactive social game that allowed users to challenge friends to out-talent themselves and share their skills through social media. Users could win virtual medals or other tangible prizes. The app mimicked the high stakes of real-world competitions by giving users one chance to successfully record their challenge. Once they hit the "record" button, their submission would automatically upload to the app and enter into the challenge.


By combining the growing mobile trends of video, social media and gamification, Uppd offered a new avenue for self-expression and community.

Uppd also showed promise as a valuable advertising platform. By engaging users in brand-sponsored challenges, Uppd hoped to boost product-trials and thereby increase customer conversion rates.


IIT Alumni Magazine, Summer 2014

‍Early high fidelity mockups of the iPhone app
Screenshot of Live iPhone App
Screenshot of Uppd Website
Copy of Flyer for Sponsored Challenge


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