Persist List (2017)


The PersistList project perfectly illustrates my entrepreneurial mentality. I got involved with Karen, the founder, after randomly approaching her in a Peet's Cafe. I overheard her discussing her website, which serves as a universal calendar for all Chicago-based progressive events, and knew I wanted to be involved somehow.

Karen's PersistList website was, at the time, being hosted on SquareSpace, which was not able to properly account for all of her needs. Her calendar page was not responsive and would cause text to overflow at certain screen sizes, or if a summary paragraph was too long.

To fix this, I ran Karen through various options. She had to work on a tight budget (this project was not-for-profit, afterall), which meant (1) using pre-built wordpress administrative functions; and (2) outsourcing development to WebRMedia--an Indian outfit that I've used for years (and the offshore only team I currently trust).

Karen and I worked closely together for several months to determine her exact needs: (1) mobile friendly; (2) fuzzy search functionality; (3) categorizations; (4) simple, anonymous submissions; and (5) the ability to assign an event several dates and times.

Although Karen approved of the designs, we found that actual implementation would be a little over her budget. To resolve this issue, I found a pre-built wordpress template that could serve as a sufficient substitute. The template is currently under development and I will post the final product here once it is live.

Calendar View of PersistList
Profile of a PersistList Event