Fooda (2015)


As the Associate Product Manager at Fooda, I was responsible for leading and mentoring a ten member, cross-functional team.

As the team lead, I owned and managed up to six projects at a time, across three products. For each project, I was responsible for determining internal and external customer problems and coordinating between the design and development teams to execute appropriate solutions.

Meeting tight deadlines without compromising quality was a regular (but achievable) challenge.

Below, you will find various projects that I participated in planning and executing.

Fooda.com Redesign

I worked closely with Fooda's design team to reimagine the user flow for Fooda.com. The site that I inherited used an outdated Drupal template that targeted catering clients. Since the site was launched, the company had refocused on individual Delivery customers. Our challenge was to increase conversion for these customers while maintaing an appealing and easily accessible message for our business customers and restaurant partners.

To help us craft an accurate message, we implemented Optimizely, an A/B testing and personalization platform.

To track results, we implemented Mixpanel, a mobile analytics tool.

Since the Fooda.com dev team worked in India, I learned how to effectively manage a team across the world.

Our live Fooda.com marketing page

Online Delivery and Popup Menus

Fooda's Delivery service was constantly evolving.

While at Fooda, I played a major role in:

  1. planning and implementing restaurant order-caps to prevent overwhelming our restaurant partners;
  2. opening Fooda's menus to unregistered users in an effort to increase sales conversion;
  3. simplifying user flow and navigational components; and
  4. other miscellaneous optimizations

Fooda's live Delivery page

The iPhone Application

When I first arrived at Fooda, the company was wrapping their website in an iOS application.

I was tasked with planning the execution and timeline of a refreshed, native app. Since Fooda's iOS developer worked in Fargo, North Dakota, I gained additional experience working with a team member in a remote setting.

Fooda's iOS app, live in the appstore

The Internal CMS

Fooda's internal CMS (creatively named "Snappea") required constant attention to keep-up with Fooda's rapid growth.

Reporting adjustments, bug fixes, and new features were constantly in development. Through Snappea, I learned to work at a lightning pace and understand financial systems that I had not encountered while working at prior employers.

A few specific features that I planned and executed were:

  1. merging of all reports into a single mega-report that could be conveniently adjusted in excel;
  2. adding tools required to manage restaurant order-caps, lead generation, open orders, and online promotions; and
  3. miscellaneous bug fixes and feature improvements
Fooda's live Snappea landing page

Lead Generation

In order for a user to benefit from Fooda's services, their employer had to enroll as a partner. For some time, Fooda.com visitors whose employers were not aready enrolled with Fooda usually dropped off of our radar. We did not possess a tool for capturing their geographic and contact information to help target future expansion and reach out at a later date.

Alongside the UX and dev team, I coordinated the implementation of a lead generation system that allowed Fooda to accurately target employers and cities that showed a high demand for Fooda's services.

Fooda's live lead generation page